Finishing out the Year

What a wonderful year 2012 has been! I will hopefully get some pictures from the year up over the Christmas break (Seems to be the time when I get that done every year.)

I've been needing to get this announcement up here for sometime, but at this point my schedule for the remainder of the year is complete, and so the only sessions I will be scheduling are those for the upcoming year. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me this year with the job of capturing your special milestones!


Sweaters and Sneakers

These boys are some of my favorites... next to my own of course :)


It's in Their Genes!

Tow-headed, blue-eyed, cheery cheeked, cuteness! This brother and sister both have it!


Too Hard To Pick

I love so many pictures from this day!


A Year Later

This little boy is the same newborn I captured a year ago (the one with the cello!).

I loved the light coming through the trees as a backdrop for the hugs given by this family!